Friday, December 16, 2016

Tindara Orchid Supplies has a large vaiety of orchid fertilizer and unique orchid pots

Tindara Orchid Supplies offers over 400 products of orchid supplies, humidity trays, orchid mounting supplies, nutrients & fertilizers, orchid pots & containers, orchid baskets, tools & accessories, orchid plant supports, markers & labels, stakes, hangers, clips, tree fern products, watering tools, deck & patio planters, gardening tools, grow lights, growing media, orchid potting media, organic gardening, insect & disease control.

WOW! that's a lot.

Browse by product category and see over 400 amazing items for growing orchids and plants.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tindara Orchid Supplies - Clear Plastic Orchid Pots

Tindara Orchid Supplies has clear plastic orchid pots - Aircone Pots, Super Clear Pots, Slotted Orchid Pots.

With Clear Plastic Orchid Pots you can see the health of orchid roots and potting soil.

Tindara Orchid Supplies - Tree Fern Fiber

Tindara Orchid Supplies has Fine Tree Fern Fiber. 

A natural, organic potting ingredient that is used to amend soil free mixes by enhancing drainage and aeration.
A popular orchid potting medium, Tree Fern Fiber is resistant to decay and holds up well under moist, humid conditions.

The fibers vary in size, from 1/2 inch to about 1.5 inches.  

¼ Cu. Ft. Bag

Tindara Orchid Supplies - Growstone GS-3 Coco-Mix

Tindara Orchid Supplies is now offering.....
Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix .... By combining Coco Coir and Redwood Fiber with Growstones highly porous pebbles, the mixture is “opened up” evenly, distributing water uniformly and increasing drainage and oxygenation. The incorporation of Xtreme Gardening Mykos boosts nutrient and water uptake further promoting healthy root growth.
The result is a growing media that provides a super healthy root environment with strong evenly distributed roots that are more resistant to insects and disease

Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix is a potting mix, a growing medium that can’t be matched.

What’s so special about the GS-3 Coco Mix?
This mix was specially designed for heavy feeding plants in re-circulating hydroponic systems or run-to-waste container gardens with a unique air-to-water ratio throughout the root zone, allowing for more frequent feeding per day with no risk of root rot.

A fantastic growing medium suitable for growing Orchids, Tropical & Exotic Plants, Fruit Trees, Vegetable & Flower Gardens, Deck, Patio & Container Gardens.

Plus, Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix was especially designed for fast growing plants which benefit from more frequent feedings per day. It is ideal for ebb-flow and drain to waste systems.

Terrestrial type orchids love this mix. A highly recommended orchid potting and growing medium.
1.5 CF Bag (23 lbs)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tindara Orchid Supplies Launches a New Website

WELCOME TO THE NEW Tindara Orchid Supplies website......

Our new website has launched! It is a complete redesign from our old website and we have implemented a wide variety of new features that will help you find the products you are looking for, as well as a quick one-page checkout and easy navigation to find all our products.

We are now offering over 400 products, including hydroponic supplies and organic gardening supplies.

We truly hope that you enjoy the new features of Tindara Orchid Supplies website but we know that launching a new website never goes as smoothly as planned. So if you encounter any bugs or errors, or even have a suggestion for website improvement, please send your comments to and describe your issue or suggestion. Thank you!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tindara Orchid Supplies - new, redesigned website

Our website has a new look!

We are pleased to introduce our new website. Same Tindara but with a new look, new design and new featured products.
Enjoy a 15% Coupon - NEW15 for a limited time to celebrate the launch of our new and improved website.  
 Check it out!!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Orchid Warrior Pot -Growing orchids just got easier.

We listed a sensational new product on our web site.... Introducing The Orchid Warrior Pot, loaded with accessories for functionality, ease and productivity. It's a Growing Station, an advanced growing habitat created especially for the sustainability of healthy, productive Orchids

 Developed for supporting the long-term ecological balance of the root system, air flow, oxygen, moisture and disease prevention.

 Check out the Orchid Warrior here:

Accepting Pre-Orders Now - for Spring 2015 Delivery!
Take a peek, See the Video-     The New Orchid Warrior Pot
Get Free Orchid Warrior pots, go to our website:


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Orchid Mounting - Virgin Cork Bark Plaques

(The Size is 12" X 12" X ¾")
Virgin Cork Bark Plaques
Perhaps one of the most distinctive, unique and exclusive orchid mounting plaques we have ever offered.
They are individually produced directly from the bark of the cork oak tree.
The virgin cork bark plaques are naturally dramatic, rich and warm in texture, soft to the touch.
They are as durable as Mother Nature meant virgin cork bark to be. 
Same rough texture as our Virgin Cork Slabs.
The back side of the cork plaque is flat making the cork easier to stick on walls or other surfaces for dramatic presentation purposes.
Imported directly from Portugal.
Virgin Cork Bark Plaques ~ $19.95

Soil Moist Mats for Deck & Patio Planters

Voted best new product from the Super Floral Show and the International Floriculture Expo.

Soil Moist Mats contain water storing polymer woven into a cloth to line baskets and containers.
The easy to apply product is designed to reduce plant watering by 50%. There are six mats per pack.

Soil Moist Mats for growing applications:
Soil Moist Mats absorb similar to a sponge and hold it in the plant container. Non-toxic crystals are woven into the degradable cloth material. As the soil begins to dry, the mat slowly releases stored water to the soil and the plant's roots over an extended period of time. They reduce plant watering with less worry and save time.

The mats last for several seasons in the soil and are environmentally friendly. The easy to apply mat is ideal for containers, hanging baskets and potted plants for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Mat dimensions are 7" x 7" (6 per pkg.).  

           Use one 7 x 7" mat for up to a 15-20" container/planter.

           Line baskets, planters and containers and reduce plant watering by 50%

Soil Moist Mats - $11.95  (Pkg. of 6)